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Camperagent RV Gibb River

We Buy, Consign and Trade Caravans and Motorhomes

Camperagent RV Centre would like to offer you 3 alternative solutions to selling your RV privately.

1. Consignment: Selling a caravan/motorhome on your behalf.
21 years experience with thousands sold this way, Camperagent can give your RV maximum exposure in today’s market place.

Here’s some advantages of selling through us on consignment:

– We handle all the phone calls, emails and potential buyers with our professional sales consultants, saving you time and the hassle of doing it yourself.

– We are here 6 days a week, even on most public holidays for buyers convenience.

– Positioned on a national highway with 60,000 vehicles a day going past, and we are the “go to” destination for Motorhomes and Caravans, we have the largest range in SA of over 150-200 units at any one time.

– We are able to take a variety of different trade-ins to increase the chance of a sale.

– We can also arrange finance to increase selling options.

– Full detailing and workshop facilities available to professionally prepare and display RV for sale.

– Service workshop report done on all caravans and motorhomes with warranties offered for the buyers peace of mind.

– With huge marketing exposure with multiple TV advertisements, local area and online marketing campaigns, your caravan or motorhome will be advertised on 3-5 different websites including our own website camperagent.com.au ensuring your RV will be seen by thousands of potential buyers around Australia.

2. Trade in: Use your current caravan or motorhome to upgrade into something new or a different size.

3. Wholesale/Cash: We can pay you cash/EFT on the spot, it’s quick and easy. We can even come and pick your RV up for you at no extra charge.

If this sparks your interest please give us a call on (08) 8285 5000 to discuss these options and arrange a viewing.

Or Email: sales@camperagent.com.au

We look forward to your call.

Pitfalls Of Selling Privately

Security: There is a substantial security and privacy risk in giving out your residential address, phone number and bank details to the general public. By coming to your house, you have allowed the general public to see what you have for sale, and also the opportunity to view your property and other possessions.

Bank Cheques: Cheques can be cancelled within 24 hours. If someone has paid you with a bank cheque, and driven away with your vehicle/caravan, they can cancel that cheque, leaving you with no vehicle/caravan, and no payment.

Cash: If you receive cash payment, the buyer knows you have a large amount of cash in possession. This leads to a potential security risk and possible future theft.

No Shows: This is an inconvenient situation – you have agreed to meet the potential buyer at a certain time, but they don’t show up, without even the courtesy of letting you know.

Tyre Kickers: These are people who come to your house, with no intention of buying – they may not even have the money. People will come and ask you for information to research for their future purchases or to buy elsewhere.

Time Wasters: These are people who call you and want to beat you down on price before they have even seen your vehicle/caravan.

After sales issues: If there is a problem with the product after you have sold it, the buyer has your details and knows where you live…

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