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Try Before You Buy!

Have you always wanted to try Caravanning or Camping but not sure where to start?
At Camperagent RV you can “try before you buy” with a free trial to see if you like it first. 
Here’s how it works –
Have a look at our comprehensive website at to view our huge range
of new and used Campertrailers, Caravans and Motorhomes. We are the largest RV yard in
Australia with plenty of available stock to choose from.
Then, come into our RV Superyard for a tour, meet the team, and inspect the different types
of RVs that you think might suit you. Our friendly staff will show you through and help you
select a holiday vehicle to match your needs and budget.
Next, once you have picked out which Caravan, Campertrailer or Motorhome that you would like
to potentially buy, we can discuss finance, insurance and storage options.
Now – the fun part. You can stay a night in a used RV for free! That’s right. No obligation to buy,
but of course there are some basic conditions.  At Camperagent RV we have a full time caretaker onsite.
So we are able to set up your chosen used caravan or motorhome with power and you can book in to
come and stay overnight in our yard. Just bring your sleeping bag and some food! Thats it!
You can sleep in and use our guest house facilities for shower and breakfast in the morning and
“check out” is not until the yard opens the next day.
And the whole family can stay ( subject to suitability of the RV) for an overnight adventure.
So, you have stayed the night and loved it. Whats next?
Well, caravanning and camping is all about discovering the country and having the freedom
to roam anywhere and stop over whenever you want.
So, at Camperagent RV the next step is going away for a weekend with your chosen camper or caravan.
We can do a short term rental as part of our “try before you buy” trial. (Applies to used units only)
There will be a cost and this is determined by the price and type of unit you choose, BUT if you then
purchase any new or used RV from Camperagent within 30 days of your trial trip, the rental is FREE
(credited off the purchase price) and the insurance component of the trial is credited towards your new policy.
Its a simple, clean way to actually try going away in your dream Caravan, Campertrailer or Motorhome.
And we have a number of Holiday Park partners that will love to accommodate you onsite for your
adventure in any direction (within South Australia) so you can enjoy the great outdoors and start making
memories with your loved ones. If you prefer to stay local that is also fine. It’s your choice.
So, what are you waiting for?
Visit our Stock List and have fun browsing all the photos and details.
Camperagent RV is an established family business since 1996 and we would love to help you find
your “Home on the Road”.