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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot to consider when buying a caravan or RV. With such a huge choice of holiday vehicles available, here are some top tips to assist you in choosing the most suitable unit.

Are you happy to tow a caravan or do you prefer a motorhome that is all in one? If you are not comfortable towing then perhaps a caravan is not the right RV choice.

If you already have a suitable tow vehicle, you must be aware of the tow capacity & payload of your vehicle to make sure you know the limits & ensure it is not overloaded.

Set yourself a budget that you are able to spend & be aware of the extra costs involved. There may be accessories required for your tow vehicle such as a heavy duty tow bar, sway bars & hitch, electric brake controller, reverse camera, etc. There are also extra items for the caravan like power cords, water hoses, shade walls, etc.

Decide if you are happy with a used caravan or prefer to purchase a new model. Obviously there are price advantages to buying a pre owned caravan & they will often come with all the little extras you need, however, sometimes finding the exact one that suits you can be difficult. As caravans hold their price fairly well, the used vans are often not much cheaper than buying a brand new caravan.

Determine what sort of use you will need the van for. If it is just for weekend getaways then you will not need some of the features or storage that a large touring van provides. If however, you are planning a long trip around Australia, a large touring van with shower & toilet, and plenty of room to store all your things is a must.

Think about what sort of places you would like to visit & stay. If you are a beach person & love the coast, there are numerous caravan parks & camping spots that you can stay. There popular places are usually all reached easily on bitumen roads & have plenty of facilities to use. If you are more of a bush person & want to get away from all the people & explore the outback, you will need to buy a caravan that has off road capability. You will also need to plan for more water storage & increased power supplies with large battery & solar systems.

Make sure you can sleep everybody that wants to come with you. Are you just travelling with a partner or do you want to take children or friends with you? There are layouts available that cater for extra people.

Plan where you are going to keep your caravan when it is not being used. There are numerous storage facilities available if you do not have room to leave your caravan at home.

Ok, so now you have made all the decisions & know what you want? Now the fun begins. Which one do you buy? Many buyers spend hours looking at all the used caravans on the internet & get confused about what they want.

Often it is easier to visit a large Caravan & RV Dealership where there are numerous used caravans to choose from & also a range of different new caravans on display to compare.

One of the advantages of buying a brand new caravan is the choice of layout, design, colours & options. There is also the peace of mind knowing that all new caravans come with factory backed warranty & support. This covers everything from the appliances, to furniture, to water ingress or other failures. Some brands will allow you to custom design your colour scheme, layout & features. Others offer a fixed group of designs & colours to pick from.

A large Caravan dealership like Camperagent RV Centre Adelaide will stock a number of quality new Caravan brands. This allows customers to look at the different construction & RV designs available. There are lightweight European vans, Heavy duty off road vans, Luxury custom shower vans, Family campers, Wind up camper trailers, Motorhomes & Campervans, the list goes on.

Caravans & Camping have become a huge industry in Australia & there is plenty of help & advice available. All you have to do is ask.

Top Tips for New vs Used


  • Available now – do not have to wait for an order.
  • Price – Older vans will be better priced than new.
  • Extras – A used van may have accessories.
  • Retro style – Older shapes suit classic cars.
  • Resale – Fairly easy to resell when you are finished.


  • It’s brand new – no one has slept, cooked, or lived in van.
  • Choice – Unlimited choice on layout, colours and features.
  • Custom – You can pick out & customise some brands.
  • Pre-order – Able to plan ahead & have available for future.
  • Warranty – Factory warranty & support Australia wide.

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