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We Are An Environmentally Friendly Business

Camperagent RV Centre is an environmentally sustainable site.

Camperagent has a 30kw Solar system on both the Sales Dept building
and the Service department building to reduce our power consumption.

We have a large Bio Cycle septic system on site to deal with toilet waste and this
is connected to our watering system for the garden areas ( please be careful
not to flush foreign objects!)

Our Service Dept has an SA Water approved waste water treatment facility
for our large washbay area which recycles the water we use for washing
caravans and motorhomes.

We have just completed a large rainwater tank system behind our Sales Dept
to collect water for use in the summer for washing and gardens.

At Camperagent we do care about the environment and our energy consumption.
All rubbish is recycled where possible to reduce waste going to landfill.

Camerpagent’s ultimate goal is to Champion Sustainable Living for the Now and Future generations;
To be true to our goals, we have invested time and effort over the years to improve our Energy, Water and Waste Management practices.

With regards to Energy Use:
-Camperagent uses Renewable energy that includes a Hybrid Solar and Battery System (state of the art technology) to power up the entire site; Post installation the energy usage across has dropped down more than 80% since the initial energy use. We are probably one for the first SA Power Networks Approved Hybrid Systems commissioned across South Australia. Our solution demonstrates total energy generation of around 500kW daily through Solar and backed up by fast charging and discharging batteries that power the site through the entire evening and night time use.
– We have also invested in New Automation technology to minimise the Energy usage across the sites and control the loads according to the Energy management Algorithms implemented to give us a good Return on Investment. The Automation systems are designed to wireless retrofit into our electrical loads and hence avoids the cost of replacing existing investment.
Our goal is to be grid independent, using the Grid as only a backup. We are on our target to reach our 100% energy management through renewable technologies.